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Seraphic was founded in 2020 with an acknowledgement that the humble web browser had grown to become an extremely complex piece of software as well as an indispensable element of modern work and—because of those two characteristics—it had also become a desirable target for attackers.

Our Challenge

The challenge was obvious: defending users and endpoints from web-based attacks and protecting enterprise data from leakage or loss was mostly accomplished with perimeter security technologies. By necessity, such controls were deployed around the browser rather than in it, resulting in limited effectiveness, compromised user experience or both. The increasing shift to SaaS applications and dramatic transition to remote and hybrid work further highlighted these shortcomings. 

Our Innovative Solution

The idea behind Seraphic Security was simply that web security could—and should—exist directly in the browser while remaining transparent to the end user. The result is a browser security solution that can transform every commercial web browser into an enterprise browser, for every user on every device, anywhere. This novel approach provides organizations with the threat protection and governance capabilities they need without jeopardizing employee productivity.  

Our Leadership

Ilan Yeshua

CEO and Co-founder

Avihay Cohen CTO and Co-founder of Seraphic Security

Avihay Cohen

CTO and Co-founder

Suresh Batchu

Suresh Batchu

COO and Co-founder

Alon Levin

VP Product

Arik Kasha

VP Sales

Customer Support

If you are a current Seraphic customer needing product support, please contact us at

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Partner Support

If you are interested in becoming a Seraphic channel or technology partner, please contact us at

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