Enterprise-grade Browser Security
on Any Browser

Seraphic enables secure browsing for your employees and contractors, working from their corporate or personal devices, to protect enterprise assets while providing advanced governance and policy enforcement.

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Why Seraphic?

All browsers, all users, all devices from anywhere

All Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer
All Users Employees
3rd party contractors
All Devices PC/Mobile
Managed & unmanaged
From Anywhere From work
From home

"Seraphic provides an easy and light solution, with top detection and prevention capabilities to all threats coming from the web."

Yaron Slutzky
Chief Security Officer at Agoda
Booking Holdings Group

"A truly unique solution to a really painful problem"

Amit Bar On
Former Managing Director,
Head of Cyber Services at EY Israel (Hacktics)

"This is the most effective and innovative solution I’ve seen for browser protection, as it combines both detection and prevention for the most sophisticated threats."

Tomer Sharoni
Former VP Product at Salt Security

Introducing A Holistic Browser Security and Governance Solution for Enterprises

Seraphic offers a lightweight browser agent that is distributed easily and seamlessly, protecting your employees’ browser against exploits (including zero-days), social engineering attacks (including spear phishing), and web application vulnerabilities (such as CSRF/XSS) exploitation and other web-based attacks, while providing your security team with unique runtime telemetry and enabling advanced governance and policy enforcement capabilities.

With Seraphic there’s no need for...

  • Dedicated browsers
  • RBI solutions
  • Signatures
  • Proxies
  • Chasing emergency security patches
  • Relying on external feeds

What makes Seraphic different?

Your level of security is defined by the weakest spot in your organizational multi-layer defense. Seraphic is turning the browser from the weakest point to the strongest point in your organizational security chain

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Located in the Heart of Your Browser

Existing solutions attempt to monitor and audit your browser from the OS, or by using a proxy, or an extension. Seraphic is the only solution operating inside the browser with full visibility of all events in the browser.

“Monitoring the browser from the perimeter is not the solution”

Seraphic Prevents Zero-day Attacks

Seraphic provides complete prevention of zero-day and unpatched n-day attacks. Instead of identifying known patterns, Seraphic makes your browser JavaScript engine unpredictable for the attackers and thus unexploitable.

Detection based protection fails to detect unknown patterns.

Bring Your Own Browser

Most other solutions take the user away from their native application to an isolated or dedicated browser for the sake of security. Seraphic, however, secures the browser that you use (any browser, any version) in a way that is completely seamless to the end user.

Substituting the native browser with virtual or dedicated browser is not the solution

Detection Independent of External Feeds

Seraphic technology enables highly efficient phishing detection and prevention by analyzing runtime telemetry while being independent of any other 3rd-party feed.

Detection based on databases and intel feeds will fail to detect first seen patterns/URLs

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