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Turn Any Browser into a secure Enterprise Browser

Enable hybrid work on corporate and personal devices

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Enterprise Browser Security White Paper

Enterprise Browser Security White Paper

A New Way to Protect Users, Devices, and Data

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Seraphic extends enterprise browser security to collaboration apps

Every user, every browser, every device from everywhere

Every User Employees
3rd party contractors
Every Browser Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer
Every Device PC/Mobile
Managed & unmanaged
From Everywhere On-campus

"Seraphic provides an easy and light solution, with top detection and prevention capabilities to all threats coming from the web."

Yaron Slutzky
Chief Security Officer at Agoda
Booking Holdings Group

"A truly unique solution to a really painful problem"

Amit Bar On
Former Managing Director,
Head of Cyber Services at EY Israel (Hacktics)

"This is the most effective and innovative browser security solution I’ve seen for protection, as it combines both detection and prevention for the most sophisticated cyber threats."

Tomer Sharoni
Former VP Product at Salt Security

Introducing A Complete Enterprise Browser Security and Governance Solution

SaaS-based web applications coupled with hybrid and remote work models have made the browser the de facto operating system of the enterprise. Seraphic’s unique approach makes every browser - Chrome, Safari, Edge Firefox, etc. - a secure enterprise browser, including the desktop versions of Electron-based applications like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Seraphic's enterprise browser security platform, with comprehensive web security features, enables organizations to safeguard their users and endpoints from online threats, including zero-day exploits and phishing, while also implementing robust data security and malware protection measures.

Enterprise browser security
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With Seraphic there’s no need for...

  • Dedicated browsers
  • RBI solutions
  • Signatures
  • Proxies
  • Chasing emergency security patches
  • Relying on external feeds

A unique approach to Enterprise Browser Security

Seraphic Security creates an abstraction layer between the JavaScript code and JavaScript engine making every browser a dedicated enterprise browser whether it is installed on a corporate or personal device, or whether the user is an employee or a 3rd party. Seraphic’s security, DLP, and connectivity features consolidate multiple security and governance capabilities from a variety of point solutions into a single enterprise browser security platform.

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Web security that is transparent to end-users

Unlike traditional cybersecurity tools, Seraphic's enterprise browser security solution operates unobtrusively, offering a seamless user experience across enterprise web browsers. Designed as a secure enterprise browser, it eliminates the need for isolating the browser on a remote system or rerouting network traffic for web security. There is no compromise to user performance or productivity, making it an ideal enterprise secure browser solution for today's browser-centric work environments.

There is no impact on performance, so there is no impact on productivity.
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Simple and flexible secure browser deployment

Seraphic Security installs in minutes via multiple delivery mechanisms and integrates seamlessly with the existing enterprise technology and security stack. It connects easily to enterprise directories or Identity Providers (IdPs) and can export unique runtime telemetry to security operations tools.

Improve security and governance without complexity and operational overhead.

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Access Seraphic's Enterprise Browser Security White Paper: A New Way to Protect Users, Devices, and Data

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