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Browsers -
Big Unsolved Problem

The browser has become the main productivity tool for employees due to driving trends like working remotely, BYOD, and web-based SaaS applications. Policy infringements by employees and attacks by hackers have turned the browser into the most serious threat to businesses, however, existing solutions fail to protect the browser, are hard to employ and to operate, and significantly compromise user experience.

Browser Vulnerabilities
Are on the Rise






Seraphic Gives You Unmatched Security and Governance with Fully Preserved User Experience

Unmatched Protection We stop attacks that others cannot

Visibility & Governance Fine grain policy enforcement

Seamless to the End User Bring your own browser, no need for
dedicated browsers or isolated solutions

Easy Deployment - Easy Operation Easy, fast, and scalable for managed and
unmanaged devices on/off-prem

Unique Solutions to Big Problems
in Browser Security

Location inside the browser

Seraphic is the only solution operating in the heart of the browser, with full visibility of all events in the browser. Other solutions have only limited visibility trying to monitor the browser from the operating system or remotely.

Seraphic doesn’t try to detect known patterns/threats collected from previous attacks but assumes that all code received by the browser from any source is malicious. Our prevention engine makes the JSE environment unpredictable and thus unexploitable while valid code is executed normally.

Prevention exploit prevention not
based on detection

Detection detection not dependent on
databases & external feeds

Most detection-based solutions rely on the same databases and threat intel feeds (whitelists and blacklists). Seraphic isn’t worried about yesterday’s URLs, but about the new URLs that haven't been analyzed. Seraphic’s “Run-Time Analysis Engine” performs analysis which is not dependent on external dated feeds.

Seraphic stops attacks that others cannot. Seraphic is the only solution providing protection during the patching gap – through the lifecycle of the vulnerability - before it is disclosed, before there is a patch available, and before the patch is implemented.

Covering All Use Cases

Safe browsing

Employees browsers
protected on/off prem

BYOD & unmanaged devices

Protection & governance for unmanaged devices

Organizational apps access

Protect, Audit & Enforce policy on all org apps: SaaS & internal

Zero trust

End to end policy & posture enforcement on all sessions


Full protection for legacy unpatched and unsecured browsers

Remote access

Secure access to employees WFH & 3rd party contractors

Data leakage prevention

Fine grained controls on every session

Extension management

Limit the use of risky or malicious extensions across the enterprise

Bridging the patching gap

Prevent unknown vulnerabilities exploit without the need to quickly patch new browser versions

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