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I wanted to reach out about a browser security product you might want to learn more about. 
Browsers are the primary tool that most employees use for work, and they are a primary target for attackers and a major vector for data loss. But the real problem is that the tools most organizations already have, like, CASBs, EDRs, and SSE systems, don’t have the visibility or controls to protect against browser exploits, web-based malware and phishing, and data loss. 
If you’re thinking about browser security, you should learn more about Seraphic Security. Seraphic transforms any browser into an enterprise-ready platform; it has a lot more capabilities than an extension and it’s not a dedicated browser. Employees can use whatever tools they want, while security has all the tools they need to prevent exploits, phishing, and data leakage or loss.  
Are you thinking about browser security for now or in the future? I’m happy to send over more information or set up a meeting.

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