Replace Legacy Remote Browser Isolation – RBI Systems with Seraphic

Get the protection and control you need using the browsers you already have

Seraphic delivers

Better security: block 0-day and unpatched N-day exploits, other web-based attacks, and phishing
Better user experience: no latency or app compatibility issues
Better value: reduce infrastructure and cloud usage costs
The limitations of RBI
RBI promises security and control but falls short on both, while also increasing cost and complexity and compromising user experience.

Remote browser isolation disadvantages

Whether RBI is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, whether it uses “pixel pushing” or Document Object Model (DOM) reconstruction, it can compromise application compatibility and affect performance without improving protection against threats like phishing.

Fortunately, Seraphic offers an alternative that provides superior protection without the tradeoffs. Let us show you how.

Seraphic Security Advantages

Access Seraphic's Enterprise Browser Security White Paper: A New Way to Protect Users, Devices, and Data

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