Hackers Targeting Google Chrome

According to a recent article by ZDNet, keeping your browser up-to-date “is one of the best strategies when it comes to protecting against cyberattacks targeting browsers.” The author also mentions that “all it takes is one unpatched vulnerability for an attack to squeeze through a crack in your defenses.”


They are partially correct –

The most dangerous attacks are NOT the attacks you’ve been made aware of and thus can apply patches against.  The most dangerous attacks are the ones you and your vendor don’t know about.  The type of attacks where a hacker discovered a certain vulnerability and uses it to seamlessly penetrate your organization for an undetermined amount of time. These are zero-day attacks!

Cyberattacks targeting vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, as well as other browsers, are on the rise.

According to an analysis by cybersecurity researchers at WatchGuard, the second quarter of this year saw an overall 23% increase in malware attacks against browsers – Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer – compared with the previous quarter.

Much of that increase has been driven by a rise in cyberattacks on Chrome: according to the WatchGuard Threat Lab Internet Security Report, attacks targeting Google’s browser have increased by 50%.


So how do you protect yourself from attacks you are unaware of?

This is one of the core values of Seraphic, to protect organizations from both known (N-day) and from unknown (zero-day) exploitations allowing you to be safe even when your browsers are not fully patched or when there is no patch available.

Seraphic also provides companies with a defense against other web-based attacks (such as Phishing, XSS, XSRF, ClickJacking, etc.) and fine-grained policy enforcement capabilities to make your employees’ browsing experience even more secure no matter where they are and the device they are using

Check out ZDNet’s article here, or learn more about our enterprise browser security and governance solution by reading ESG’s Technical Validation of Seraphic.

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