Seraphic and ESG BrightTalk Webinar

The digital transformation of corporate operations has introduced employees to all kinds of innovative technologies, where most workloads take place in a familiar location: the browser. Employees are likely to be using these browsers on distributed networks which leads to the company being vulnerable to attacks and policy infringements. Any organization looking to strengthen cybersecurity and ensure compliance needs to invest specifically in protecting the browser.

Policy infringements by employees and attacks by hackers have turned the browser into the most serious threat to businesses. Daily, organizations and employees are dealing with numerous threats to their browsers such as exploits (zero day and unpatched n-day vulnerabilities), cross site scripting (XSS), Man in the Middle attacks, and social engineering to name a few. A recent ESG study found that 54% of companies reported an end-user falling victim to social engineering as the biggest contributor to their security events of the last two years. Existing solutions based on detection fail to provide sufficient security for the browser and compromise user experience. Comprehensive protections should include robust exploit prevention, phishing and web attack protection, and governance tools for browser and other JavaScript environments — like those provided by Seraphic Security.

In this webinar from ESG and Seraphic Security, industry experts will explore an innovative technology that provides protection and governance into any browser seamlessly, whether managed or unmanaged, on-premises or in the field.

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Seraphic Security Extends Its Enterprise Browser Security to Collaboration Apps

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